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Ridgeyard Snow Bike 26”x4” Road/Beach 7 Speed Bicicleta BMX Fat Tire Wheel Fatbike Disc Brake 26 Inch MTB Mountain Bicycle ATV

Ridgeyard Snow Bike 26”x4” Road/Beach 7 Speed Bicicleta BMX Fat Tire Wheel Fatbike Disc Brake 26 Inch MTB Mountain Bicycle ATV

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The Hitch 26 "fat tire bike is designed to be easily ridden on a variety of terrains thanks to oversized tires for stability and traction. Fat Tire Cruiser frame geometry adds a comfortable in complex terrain. Alloy wide wheel set with drilled rims and disc brakes For easy stopping, the 7-speed geared rear derailleur makes this the perfect bike to hit it all. The bike is 40 "tall, making it suitable for people of many different heights. Some assembly is required.


  • Tough foot support, easy parking

  • Aluminum pedals, non-slip and durable

  • High-elastic comfortable seat, ride to enjoy

  • 26 inch wide tires bold frame, super handsome, high retention rates

  • Disc brakes shock absorber front fork can resist strong impact

  • Wide 100mm aluminum alloy wheels, high-strength anti-corrosion

  • Set the protection plate to prevent trousers skirt into the chain

  • Using SHIMANO transmission, riding more effort

  • Black matte Xiaoyan, variable speed brakes at your fingertips

  • 4.0 inch wide tire, suitable for the beach, snow, mountain,stone road, riding

  • Tire surface polygonal particles fast rule distribution, low rolling resistance, stronger grip, more wear-resistant


  • Weight:23kg

  • Foot: aluminum, a bead

  • Bike size:74.11"x24.41"x36.22"

  • Frame: aluminum alloy, 26 * 4.0, disc brake

  • Front fork: iron, 26 * 4.0, disc brake

  • Front fork assembly: 1-1 / 8 * 34 * 30, H-25mm

  • Fork washer: 28.6 * 10mm, each two

  • The set: shimanoRS35

  • Rim: Red, 26 * 4.0, 14G * 36H, A / V, width -100mm

  • Pad: PVC, 26 * 60mm

  • The central axis components: B910, L = 120 * 162mm

  • Packaging: thicker air-cushion film packaging

  • Chain: TB-50, 1/2 * 3/32 * 118L

  • Flywheel: 7-level positioning, 14-28T, large black

  • Flywheel guard: 5-1 / 2 multi-claw type

  • Rear derailleur: Direct mounting, positioning

  • Variable line pipe: R-1050mm +280 mm

  • Saddle: the hole, black leather surface stitching, ED beam Tsai (1.8T)

  • Saddle tube: iron, 27.2 ** 1.4T * 300mm, with a safety line

  • Brake wire: F-750 * 950mm, R-1300 * 1500mm. (Right front left rear alignment)

  • Chain wheel crank: 1/2 * 3/32 * 36T black * 170L, sand black aluminum crank, black plastic cover

  • Saddle tube screws: aluminum alloy beam Aberdeen, diameter: 31.8mm, aluminum handle quick release

Package Included:

  • 1x 7 speed Snow/beach bike


  • The bike is unassembled, you need to install it by yourself. 

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