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XIAOMI VIOMI V2 PRO 2 in 1 LDS SLAM Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Home, Wet Dry Sweep and Mop Quiet Mijia APP Control 【One Year Warranty】

XIAOMI VIOMI V2 PRO 2 in 1 LDS SLAM Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Home, Wet Dry Sweep and Mop Quiet Mijia APP Control 【One Year Warranty】

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>>>VIOMI V2 PRO Main Features: 
Your Domestic Helper
Too much hair on the ground? Too busy to clean up? Why not let VIOMI V2 Pro help you get out of the busy housework, then you'll have more time to spend with your family and enjoy a better life. With 2 in 1 Sweep and Mop, you can not only sweep the floor but also polish your floor with the mopping pad. it with 3 Working Modes to stand out, 550ml dust box large area sweeping, 550ml water tank large area mopping, 300 dust box +200 water tank sweeping one. Can you imagine that you can walk on the floor with bare feet without the need of worrying about the debris or other granules? What's more, the Mi Home APP remote control allows you to make an appointment for cleaning, when you returned home from work or travel, your flat would be as clean as new.
1. Smart Sweeping -  Laser mapping | Map memory function | Zoned sweeping | Fixed point scanning | Breakpoint re-sweeping
2. Convenient Operation - MIJIA APP remote control | Smart voice announcement system
3. Ultrastrong Sweeping Capacity - 2100Pa high suction | 550ml electronic control water tank | Integrated sweeping & mopping | Crossing obstacles of 2cm height
4. Package Contents: 1 x Sweeping Robot, 1 x Charging Dock, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x 2-in-1 Water Tank, 1 x Dustbox, 1 x Mop, 2 x Side Brush, 1 x Mop Rack, 1 x English Manual
Your Domestic Helper- Mopping Master
VIOMI V2 Pro 2 in 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
3 cleaning mode /Electronic control water tank/Simulate manual cleaning/3 level water control system
LDS laser navigation/2100Pa super suction/12 sets of sensors/Mi Home APP control
3 Cleaning Modes, Meet Your Different Needs
Sweeping mopping mode More time-saving with 2 in 1 water tank
Single sweeping mode Long-acting suction with 550ml dust box
Single mopping mode Silent drag with 550ml water tank
Support Cleaning and Mopping in One Time, Double cleaning Effect
New 2 in 1 water tank
300ml dust box +200ml water tank
2 kinds of professional lock water rags
350cm wet rags, semi-wet& semi-dry mop
Smart Three-level Water Control System, Meet Different Floor Cleaning Needs
With powerful water control black technology, equipped with a precision electronically controlled water tank and micro-controlled water pump, I can accurately control the water output and sense the water state, better for floor protection Smart electronic control water tank 3 levels of water adjustment Micro control pump Water output sensor
2100Pa Large Suction, Absorb Dust Particles Easily
With 2100Pa I can easily absorb ground dust, hair, rice, soybeans, steel balls and other large particles and you just enjoy the comfort of bare feet walking on the floor v-type glue integrated main brush Efficient cleaning, care the floor Dynamic speed control single side brush One- way dust, does not affect the swept area

2cm Obstacles climbing Capability

2cm obstacles climbing capability, I can become a small off-road tank, easily climb the threshold, carpet, rails, etc

Mi Home aPP remote Control the Cleaner Anytime Anywhere

Mi Home APP control,

allows you to make an appointment for cleaning after you leave home and check the cleaning status in real-time

Live map View cleaning status and path in real-time Area cleaning can be delineated Position cleaning Click to clean dirty place Schedule cleaning Regular cleaning every day

Repeated Two-way Wipe, Simulated Manual Cleaning
It can simulate the manual cleaning method and rubbing back and forth in both directions, making the floor as clean as new
Automatically Divide the room Cleaning, Timesaving and Laborsaving
After the first cleaning, I will automatically identify the room and partition to save, you can merge and split the partition map and the named operation, in the subsequent cleaning, will be cleaned according to the room partition Room consolidation/Room division/Room naming/Designated room cleaning
Software virtual Wall and restricted Area Setting Intelligent and convenient
If you don't want me to clean the area, you can add a software virtual wall through the Mi home APP. When I arrive in the area, I will automatically pass. You can also manually clear the restricted area, I will consciously avoid the restricted area to complete the cleaning, not to mess with your Software virtual wall Won't bother the workroom Restricted area Won't destroy the children s toy area
12 Sets of Sensors, Easily Respond to Changing Environments
Equipped with 12 types of multidirectional sensors, I can be sensitive to various complex environments, easily avoid obstacles, and more meticulously cover the home environment while protecting myself and the furniture
High-energy Configuration, ALL Aspects of Thoughtful Design
Brush equipped with blade Cutting curling hairs
Automatic return for charging Shortest path quick docking or charging
Washable HEPA filter Easy cleaning and durable to use

What is Viomi V2 Pro?

Improved Design

The Viomi V2 Pro is newly designed with a slimmer body to travel through tight spaces and is equipped with improved climbing abilities (up to 19mm) for unobstructed cleaning. With a competitive suction power of 2150 Pa, this device is able to clean up all sizes of particles from dirt to dust, and even gravel the size of soybeans.

On top of dealing with visible particles, the Viomi V2 Pro is also equipped with a washable HEPA Filtration to trap microdust particles that would otherwise float back into the air. This aids with maintenance, so you don't have to constantly purchase new HEPA filters. Even with the strong suction power on the device, the Viomi V2 Pro maintains a low operation noise level at a hum of 69 - 76dB.

Larger Capacity

The Viomi V2 Pro has a great battery life of up to 2.2 hours. If the Viomi V2 Pro ever reaches its low battery point (20%), don't worry about taking an extra step to keep an eye on it. The device's breakpoint time function automatically recalls the robovac back to its charging station and resumes its task once charged to 80% power.

Viomi designed the V2 Pro to cater multiple cleaning modes, and to also reduce the frequency of cleaning out any cartridges. Thus, the V2 Pro is uniquely equipped with three large tanks (550ml) all of which serve different modes; Sweep, Mop, and Sweep + Mop (2 in 1 function).

Ease of Use

Speaking of multi-modes, there is the option for users to control the amount of water the Mop Mode dispenses (3 levels), so users could opt for "semi-wet" instead of "full wet" for liquid-sensitive surfaces. That being said, the Viomi V2 Pro can be used on a wide range of surfaces including carpets and vinyl floors.

The innovative Mapping Technology on the Viomi V2 Pro includes the combination of smart Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) and Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM). This innovation expands the convenience of the Mi Home App to schedule cleaning of areas that require more attention and also allows users to trust the device to clean unattended.

App and Smart Home Control

As with other Mi Home devices, users can observe the V2 Pro's real-time tracking through the Mi Home App - watch your Viomi robot vacuum build a virtual map around your house! Moreover, the App allows users to schedule the device cleaning time, avoid restricted areas by setting up virtual walls, and most importantly utilise the 'room recognition' function for multi-cleaning sessions.

So, busy users can ease through the week without worrying about setting up the robovac. Just sit back, relax and with the click of an app, let Viomi do the rest of your cleaning for you.


The Viomi V2 Pro is a great asset to have along with other Mi Home products to have full control of your home. Pair it with the Xiaomi Air Purifier 3H to not only clean the particles on the floor, but in the air as well. Xiaomi Mi Home (Mijia) products are unique as the Mi Home App allows users to control the devices remotely

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